Residents in Surgery

Residents working at the Unit of Pancreatic Surgery  follow the residency program in General Surgery of the Verona University School of Medicine. During the Academic Year, residents spend roughly six months at the Unit of Pancreatic Surgery, and six months in other Surgical Units within the Verona Hospital Trust or in other associated Hospitals. The clinical, surgical, and research activity of residents in General Surgery depends on their post-graduate year (PGY, 1 to 6).


Laura Addari MD, PGY5

Alessandra Binco MD, PGY5

Giacomo Brentegani MD, PGY5

Andrea Caravati MD, PGY5

Michele Fontana MD, PGY5

Livio Iudici MD, PGY5

Antonio Milizia MD, PGY5

Greta Montagnini MD, PGY5

Tommaso Pollini MD, PGY5 (research fellowship, UCSF – San Francisco, USA)

Marco Biancotto MD, PGY4

Anna Burelli MD, PGY4

Beatrice Bianchi MD, PGY4

Chiara Cova MD, PGY4

Giovanni Elio MD, PGY4

Gabriella Lionetto MD, PGY4 (research fellowship, Harvard University, Boston, USA

Giuseppa Procida MD, PGY4

Federico Reich MD, PGY4

Elisa Romandini MD, PGY4

Dott.ssa Giulia Savegnago MD, PGY4
Elena Andreotti, PGY3

Massimiliano Boero, PGY3

Federico Faustini, PGY3

Chiara Filippini, PGY3

Alice Giorgi, PGY3

Giuditta Grazia, PGY3

Martina Maruccio, PGY3

Sara Peressotti, PGY3

Eva Stigliani, PGY3

Pier Giuseppe Vacca, PGY3

Alice Cattelani, PGY2

Gaetano Corvino, PGY2

Anna Crovetto, PGY2

Tommaso Dall’Olio, PGY2

Naomi Ingaglio, PGY2

Alessio Marchetti, PGY2

Serena Mele, PGY2

Roberto Montorsi, PGY2

Angelica Nepi, PGY2

Alfonso Pedalino, PGY2

Alessia Scirpoli, PGY2

Alessandro Soave, PGY2

Giorgia Tomasoni, PGY2

Alessia Bramaschi, PGY1

Ivan Ciatti, PGY1

Giulia Curreri, PGY1

Nausicaa De Marco, PGY1

Enrico Diale, PGY1

Filippo Gasparin, PGY1

Gianluigi Guarisco, PGY1

Maria Imperatrice, PGY1

Martina Leandri, PGY1

Enrico Longo, PGY1

Giulia Maistri, PGY1

Federica Moretti, PGY1

Dario Solinas, PGY1

Andrea Vicinanza, PGY1

Marco Zampese, PGY1