Residents in Surgery

Residents working at the Unit of Pancreatic Surgery  follow the residency program in General Surgery of the Verona University School of Medicine. During the Academic Year, residents spend roughly six months at the Unit of Pancreatic Surgery, and six months in other Surgical Units within the Verona Hospital Trust or in other associated Hospitals. The clinical, surgical, and research activity of residents in General Surgery depends on their post-graduate year (PGY, 1 to 6).

Laura Maggino MD, PGY6 

Federico Accordini MD, PGY6

Valentina Allegrini MD, PGY6 

Stefano Andrianello MD, PGY6 

Andrea Bunicci MD, PGY6 

Isacco Damoli MD, PGY6  (Research fellow at the University of Colorado, Denver)

Enrico Marrano MD, PGY6 

Marco Miotto MD, PGY6 

Alessandra Pulvirenti MD, PGY6 

Marco Ramera MD, PGY6 

Alex Borin MD, PGY5 

Chiara Dal Borgo MD, PGY5

Giampaolo Perri MD, PGY5 (Research fellow at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston)

Elena Viviani MD, PGY5

Caterina Costanza Zingaretti MD, PGY5

Elisa Bannone MD, PGY4

Alberto Balduzzi MD, PGY4 (Research fellow at the University of Amsterdam)

Debora Ciprani MD, PGY4 (Research fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston)

Lorenzo Crepaz MD, PGY4

Tommaso Giuliani MD, PGY4

Gianni Lazzarin MD, PGY4

Gaia Masini MD, PGY4

Chiara Nessi MD, PGY4

Niccolò Surci MD, PGY4

Lorenzo Bertoldi MD, PGY3

Cecilia Bortolato MD, PGY3

Fabio Casciani MD, PGY3

Anthony Di Gioia MD, PGY3

Sara Nobile MD, PGY3

Francesco Romeo MD, PGY3

Elisabetta Sereni MD, PGY3

Giovanni Feriani MD, PGY3 (Residency Program in Vascular Surgery) 

Laura Addari MD, PGY2

Alessandra Binco MD, PGY2

Giacomo Brentegani MD, PGY2

Andrea Caravati MD, PGY2

Michele Fontana MD, PGY2

Livio Iudici MD, PGY2

Antonio Milizia MD, PGY2

Greta Montagnini MD, PGY2

Tommaso Pollini MD, PGY2

Mariagiovanna Berton MD, PGY2 (Residency Program in Vascular Surgery) 

Nicola Spadoni MD, PGY2 (Residency Program in Vascular Surgery)  

Marco Biancotto MD, PGY1

Anna Burelli MD, PGY1

Beatrice Bianchi MD, PGY1

Chiara Cova MD, PGY1

Giovanni Elio MD, PGY1

Gabriella Lionetto MD, PGY1

Giuseppa Procida MD, PGY1

Federico Reich MD, PGY1

Elisa Romandini MD, PGY1

Dott.ssa Giulia Savegnago MD, PGY1