General information

The Unit of General and Pancreatic Surgery at the G.B. Rossi Hospital, is part of the Verona Pancreas Institute. The inpatient unit has an allotment of 40 beds, and it is subdivided into four sub-sections (A-B-C-D).  


Hospital admission

You will be admitted to hospital one day before surgery or on the day of surgery. Under certain circumstances, you may be admitted two days before your surgery. This will be discussed with you by our Nurse Manager, Dr. Beatrice Personi. Here is a list of what to bring for admission:

  • Photo identification, such as your country ID or passport
  • European Health Insurance Card or any other Insurance Card (if needed)
  • A list with names, doses, and schedules of all medications you take on a routine basis
  • Your medical records (unless they haven’t been already taken by your surgeon or the pancreas clinic medical staff). These include doctor’s notes, hospital admission and discharge summaries, surgical reports, pathology and cytology reports, cardiology reports, and any additional written information that pertains to your current disease.
  • Personal toiletries, such as shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrush
  • Bathrobe and slippers or socks
  • Glasses, dentures, hearing aid, etc.
  • Cash to purchase a magazine or snacks 

It can be difficult to keep track of personal items at a big and busy place like the Verona University Hospital. We are sorry that the Medical Center cannot be responsible for personal items, and ask you to limit the valuables you bring such as jewelry, large amounts of money or credit cards, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Because of new laws to protect patient privacy, staff at the Pancreatic Surgery Unit cannot release any information about you to your family and friends without your permission. When you are being admitted, a staff member will provide you a form to indicate the persons to whom medical information can be conveyed. You will be then asked to sign an informed consent for giving blood, a small piece of your surgical specimen and other biologic material we may need to the University of Verona – Pancreas Institute ARC-NET bio-bank. A member of our surgical staff will discuss with you in detail what the operation is likely to involve, the risks and benefits. The surgeon will write the main benefits and risks associated with the operation on the consent form before you sign it. This indicates that you agree to the operation so it is important that you have discussed it fully with the doctor and understand what is involved. You can withdraw consent at any time prior to the operation. You will also see your anesthesiologist to discuss about your operation and postoperative pain, and to sign the informed consent to general anesthesia.

The University of Verona Hospital Trust is committed to providing interpreters at no charge for any patients who are not fluent in Italian. To arrange for an interpreter, let your nurse know you need one.


Ward round

Medical ward round is carried out twice a day (8:30-14:30). Medical ward rounds are complex clinical activities, critical to providing high-quality, safe care for patients in a timely, relevant manner. They provide an opportunity for the multidisciplinary team (medical staff, nurses, physiotherapists) to come together to review a patient’s condition and develop a coordinated plan of care (making plans about future investigations and options for treatment), while facilitating full engagement of the patient in making shared decisions about care. Nurses provide update on vital signs, pain control, nutrition and hydration, elimination (urine and bowels), and mobility. Additionally, ward rounds offer great opportunities for effective communication, information sharing and joint learning through active participation of all members of the multidisciplinary team.

On a regular basis, nurses perform quality and safety checks, including vital signs, urinary catheter, review of iv lines, infection control. Furthermore, they administer therapies according to the doctors’ prescriptions.

Our pledge is to provide you superior medical care and services, and to make your stay with us the very best possible. To this end, our staff will visit you frequently to ask you about issues such as how well your pain is being controlled and if your personal needs are being met. If you are not fully satisfied with these or any other of our services, we will make every effort to see that the situation is changed to your satisfaction.


Patients meals

  • Breakfast, 8:00
  • Lunch, 12:00
  • Supper, 18:00

Patients can order meals from a fixed menu according to the doctors’ prescription. Meals are served in patient’s room.


Psychologist consultation

Some decisions about your healthcare or the care of a loved one who is very ill are particularly difficult to make. In addition to speaking with your physician and healthcare team, you may want to consult our Psychologist, Dott. Silvia Pellegrini, who  stays in the ward Monday to Friday, 8:30-13:30. The service is free.


In-hospital caregiver

You will be asked by our nurse manager to indicate an informal caregiver. Informal caregivers are usually family members or friends who have been progressively involved into patients’ assistance. They are taught to provide to patients with activities such as helping the patient eating, dressing or going to the toilet, walking the patient or aiding his/her movement, aiding in patient’s therapy and watching them overnight. Caregivers may ensure an appropriate environment, provide constant supervision and emotional support, and create optimal condition for recovery. Furthermore, caregivers were instructed not to be afraid to ask for help, take care of themselves, obtain further caregiving training, call nurses or auxiliary workers to assist when needed, take advantage of community resources and facilities.


Visiting policies

Visiting hours for our inpatient are:

  • 12.30 – 13.30
  • 19.00 – 20.00

Your family and friends over age 16 are welcome to visit you. To enable you to rest and get well, only one visitor is permitted in your room at a time. Visitors must be free of any signs and symptoms indicating infection with a contagious disease, such as coughs or fevers. Children under 16 years of age should not enter the inpatient and must be accompanied by and remain under the direct supervision of a responsible adult. Visitors are kindly requested to switch mobiles off.


Conveniences at the University Hospital


Located near the main entrance on ground floor; open 6:30 to 20:00 including Saturday and Sunday. Family members can ask our nurse staff for discount coupons.


Located near the main entrance on ground floor; open 7:00 to 19:00 including Saturday and Sunday

Bank and Automated Teller Machine

Located outside the main entrance, ATM available 24h.

Accommodation for family members 

For family members who live a considerable distance away or who want to remain close by, the University of Verona Hospital Trust accommodation program provides affordable accommodations. For further information please contact the Office for Relations with the Public (URP) at +39 0458124848, or contact the CILLA association at +39 3487627962, daily 9-19